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Online First Low Price Foot Pressure Distribution Screening Technique: Optical Podoscope with Accurate Foot Print Segmentation using Hidden Markov Random Field Model Abstract   PDF
H Heravi, a Ebrahimi, S Nikzad, E Olyaee, Y Salek Zamani
Online First Low-power Density Radiations Emitted from Common Wi-Fi Routers Influence Sperm Concentration and Sperm Histomorphometric Parameters: A New Horizon on Male Infertility Treatment Abstract   PDF
S Delavarifar, Z Razi, A Tamadon, F Rahmanifar, D Mehrabani, M Owjfard, O Koohi-Hoseinabadi, S Zaker Abasali
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Mandibular Trabecular Bone Analysis Using Local Binary Pattern for Osteoporosis Diagnosis Abstract   PDF
L Khojastepour, M Hasani, M Ghasemi, A R Mehdizadeh, F Tajeripour
Online First Manipulation Effect on Lumbar Kinematics in Patients with Unilateral Innominate Rotation and Comparison with Asymptomatic Subjects Abstract   PDF
M Zamanlou, M Akbari, A A Jamshidi, A Amiri, I Nabiyouni
Online First Martian Residents: Mass Media and Ramsar High Background Radiation Areas Abstract   PDF
S Abbasi, S A R Mortazavi, S M J Mortazavi
Vol 6, No 3 Sep (2016) Measurement of Thyroid Dose by TLD arising from Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer Patients from Supraclavicular Field Abstract   PDF
B Farhood, M T Bahreyni Toossi, H Vosoughi, S Khademi, C Knaup
Online First Medical Image Fusion using BEMD and an Efficient Fusion Scheme Abstract   PDF
M Mozaffarilegha, A Yaghobi Joybari, A Mostaar
Online First Medical Image Magnification Based on Original and Estimated Pixel Selection Models Abstract   PDF
O Akbarzadeh, M R Khosravi, B Khosravi, P Halvaee
Vol 7, No 2 Jun (2017) Melatonin Role in Ameliorating Radiation-induced Skin Damage: From Theory to Practice (A Review of Literature) Abstract   PDF
A Abbaszadeh, G H Haddadi, Z Haddadi
Vol 3, No 4 Dec (2013) Message from the IOMP President, Dr. Kin Yin Cheung and the Chairman of the IOMP Education and Training Committee, Prof. John Damilakis on November 7, 2013: “International Day of Medical Physics” Details   PDF   XML
KY Cheung, J Damilakis
Online First Mitochondrial Targeted Peptide (KLAKLAK)2, and its Synergistic Radiotherapy Effects on Apoptosis of Radio Resistant Human Monocytic Leukemia Cell Line Abstract   PDF
T Bahmani, S Sharifzadeh, Gh H Tamaddon, E Farzadfard, F Zare, M Fadaie, M Alizadeh, M Hadi, R Ranjbaran, M A Mosleh-Shirazi, A Behzad-Behbahani
Vol 3, No 2 Jun (2013) Modeling the Circle of Willis Using Electrical Analogy Method under both Normal and Pathological Circumstances Abstract   PDF   XML
M. Abdi, A. Karimi, M. Navidbakhsh, M. A. Rahmati, K. Hassani, A. Razmkon
Vol 4, No 2 Jun (2014) Modeling Time Resolved Light Propagation Inside a Realistic Human Head Model Abstract   PDF   XML
Sh Bazrafkan, K Kazemi
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) Modelling Tumor-induced Angiogenesis: Combination of Stochastic Sprout Spacing and Sprout Progression Abstract   PDF
F Hosseini, N Naghavi
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) Modification of Source Strength in Low-Dose-Rate Lung Brachytherapy with 125I and 103Pd seeds Abstract   PDF
H Rezaei, H Mostaghimi, A R Mehdizadeh
Online First Molecular Modelling and Evaluation of Hidden Information in ABCB11 Gene Mutations Abstract   PDF
M Zarenezhad, S M Dehghani, M Mortazavi, F Ejtehadi, M R Fattahi, S M B Tabei
Vol 8, No 1 Mar (2018) Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Beams produced by LIAC Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Accelerator Abstract   PDF
M Robatjazi, K Tanha, S R Mahdavi, H R Baghani, H R Mirzaei, M Mousavi, N Nafissi, E Akbari
Vol 7, No 4 Dec (2017) Monte Carlo Simulation of Siemens Primus plus Linac for 6 and 18 MV Photon Beams Abstract   PDF
H Dowlatabadi, A A Mowlavi, M Ghorbani, S Mohammadi
Vol 9, No 2 Apr (2019) Monte Carlo Study of Unflattened Photon Beams Shaped by Multileaf Collimator Abstract   PDF
A Kajaria, N Sharma, Sh Sharma, S Pradhan, A Mandal, L M Aggarwal
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Mother’s Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields before and during Pregnancy is Associated with Risk of Speech Problems in Offspring Abstract   PDF
S Zarei, M Vahab, M M Oryadi-Zanjani, N Alighanbari, S M J Mortazavi
Vol 8, No 3 Sep (2018) MRS Shimming: An Important Point Which Should not be Ignored Abstract   PDF
B Zeinali-Rafsanjani, R Faghihi, M A Mosleh-Shirazi, M Saeedi-Moghadam, M Lotfi, R Jalli, S Sina, L Mina
Vol 3, No 3 Sep (2013) Nanomaterial Containing Wall Paints Can Increase Radon Concentration in Houses Located in Radon Prone Areas Abstract   PDF   XML
M. Haghani, S. M. J. Mortazavi, R. Faghihi, S. Mehdizadeh, J. Moradgholi, L. Darvish, E. Fathi-Pour, L. Ansari, M. R. Ghanbar-pour
Vol 2, No 1 Mar (2012) Natural Radioactivity in Drinking Water of Drilled Wells in Zanjan, Northwestern Iran Abstract   PDF   XML
F. Saghatchi, M. Salouti
Vol 7, No 2 Jun (2017) Neural Network-Based Learning Kernel for Automatic Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions on Magnetic Resonance Images Abstract   PDF
H Khastavaneh, H Ebrahimpour-Komleh
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) New Horizons in Enhancing the Proliferation and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells Using Stimulatory Effects of the Short Time Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation Abstract   PDF
M Eghlidospour, SMJ Mortazavi, F Yousefi, SAR Mortazavi
Vol 8, No 1 Mar (2018) New Pseudo-CT Generation Approach from Magnetic Resonance Imaging using a Local Texture Descriptor Abstract   PDF
H Chaibi, R Nourine
Vol 4, No 1 Mar (2014) Numerical Investigation of Angulation Effects in Stenosed Renal Arteries Abstract   PDF   XML
Z. Mortazavinia, S. Arabi, A. R. Mehdizadeh
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) Online Estimation of Elbow Joint Angle Using Upper Arm Acceleration: A Movement Partitioning Approach Abstract   PDF
M Farokhzadi, A Maleki, A Fallah, S Rashidi
Vol 2, No 4 Dec (2012) Optimization of Body Composition Analyzer Facility, Considering Operator Dosimetry Abstract   PDF   XML
Y. Rezaei Moghaddam, H. Miri Hakimabadi, L. Raf’at Motavalli
Vol 9, No 2 Apr (2019) Optimization of Brain Tumor MR Image Classification Accuracy Using Optimal Threshold, PCA and Training ANFIS with Different Repetitions Abstract   PDF
M J Tahmasebi Birgani, N Chegeni, F Farhadi Birgani, D Fatehi, Gh Akbarizadeh, A Shams
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