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Online First Developing an Automated Cytogenetic Imaging System for Detection of Dicentric Chromosomes in Biological Dosimetry Abstract   PDF
Z Sanaeian Pour Shirazi, A Zamani, S M J Mortazavi, F Zakeri, M Dianatpour, M A Mosleh-Shirazi
Vol 3, No 3 Sep (2013) Development of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Speller System Based on SSVEP Signals Abstract   PDF   XML
M.M. Movahedi, A.R. Mehdizadeh, A. Alipour
Vol 6, No 3 Sep (2016) Development of RadRob15, A Robot for Detecting Radioactive Contamination in Nuclear Medicine Departments Abstract   PDF
A Shafe, S M J Mortazavi, A Joharnia, Gh H Safaeyan
Vol 6, No 1 Mar (2016) Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Bowel Cancers Using Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles and Wireless Fluorescence Capsule Endoscopy Abstract   PDF
M Alizadeh, V Qaradaghi
Vol 7, No 1 Mar (2017) Diagnosis of OCD Patients Using Drawing Features of Bender Gestalt Shapes Abstract   PDF
R Boostani, F Asadi, N Mohammadi
Vol 8, No 1 Mar (2018) Diagnosis of Tempromandibular Disorders Using Local Binary Patterns Abstract   PDF
A A Haghnegahdar, S Kolahi, L Khojastepour, F Tajeripour
Vol 8, No 3 Sep (2018) Differentiation of Edematous, Tumoral and Normal Areas of Brain Using Diffusion Tensor and Neurite Orientation Dispersion and Density Imaging Abstract   PDF
S Masjoodi, H Hashemi, M A Oghabian, G Sharifi
Vol 8, No 3 Sep (2018) Does Exposure to Static Magnetic Fields Generated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners Raise Safety Problems for Personnel? Abstract   PDF
A Ghadimi-Moghadam, S M J Mortazavi, A Hosseini-Moghadam, M Haghani, S Taeb, M A Hosseini, N Rastegariyan, F Arian, L Sanipour, S Aghajari, S A R Mortazavi, A Soofi, M R Dizavandi
Vol 8, No 3 Sep (2018) Does High Frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Affect EEG Gamma Band Activity? Abstract   PDF
M Ebrahimian, M Razeghi, A Zamani, Z Bagheri, K Rastegar, A Motealleh
Online First Does Muscle Fatigue Alter EEG Bands of Brain Hemispheres? Abstract   PDF
Sh Taghizadeh, S Pirouzi, A Zamani, A Motealleh, Z Bagheri
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) Does Occupational Exposure of Shahid Dastghieb International Airport Workers to Radiofrequency Radiation Affect Their Short Term Memory and Reaction Time? Abstract   PDF
S Jarideh, S Taeb, SM Pishva, M Haghani, S Sina, SAR Mortazavi, SMA Hosseini, S Nematollahi, N Shokrpour, M Hassan Shahi, SMJ Mortazavi
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Dose Assessment in Computed Tomography Examination and Establishment of Local Diagnostic Reference Levels in Mazandaran, Iran Abstract   PDF
A Janbabanezhad-Toori, A Shabestani-Monfared, M R Deevband, R Abdi, M Nabahati
Vol 9, No 2 Apr (2019) Dose Calculation Accuracy of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Systems in Out-of-Field Regions Details   PDF
B Farhood, M Ghorbani
Online First Dosimetric Evaluation of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Using AAPM TG 119 Protocol Abstract   PDF
A Nainggolan, S A Pawiro
Vol 9, No 2 Apr (2019) Dosimetry and Radioenhancement Comparison of Gold Nanoparticles in Kilovoltage and Megavoltage Radiotherapy using MAGAT Polymer Gel Dosimeter Abstract   PDF
S Farahani, N Riyahi Alam, S Haghgoo, M Khoobi, Gh Geraily, E Gorji
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Dosimetry of Critical Organs in Maxillofacial Imaging with Cone-beam Computed Tomography Abstract   PDF
R Ghanbarnezhad Farshi, A Mesbahi, M Johari, Ü Kara, N Gharehaghaji
Online First Dosimetry of Occupational Radiation around Panoramic X-ray Apparatus Abstract   PDF
A H Pakravan, S M R Aghamiri, T Bamdadian, M Gholami, M Moshfeghi
Vol 2, No 3 Sep (2012) Dr. Nasser Maleki (January 25, 1953 – January 6, 2012) Details   PDF   XML
A. Niroomand-Rad, W. R. Lutz, S. Shahabi
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Dynamic Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) and Diffusion Weighted MR Imaging (DWI) for Differentiation between Benign and Malignant Salivary Gland Tumors Abstract   PDF
S Assili, A Fathi Kazerooni, L Aghaghazvini, H Saligheh Rad, J Pirayesh Islamian
Online First Dynamic MLC Tracking Using 4D Lung Tumor Motion Modelling and EPID Feedback Abstract   PDF
N Rostampour, K Jabbari, Sh Nabavi, M Mohammadi, M Esmaeili
Vol 4, No 3 SEP (2014) Dynamics and Regulation of Locomotion of a Human Swing Leg as a Double-Pendulum Considering Self-Impact Joint Constraint Abstract   PDF   XML
Y Bazargan-Lari, M Eghtesad, A Khoogar, A Mohammad-Zadeh
Vol 4, No 3 SEP (2014) Editorial Details   PDF
AR Mehdizadeh
Vol 4, No 4 DEC (2014) Editorial Details   PDF
A R Mehdizadeh
Vol 5, No 1 Mar (2015) Editorial Details   PDF
AR Mehdizadeh
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) Editorial Details   PDF
AR Mehdizadeh, SMJ Mortazavi
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Editorial Details   PDF
K Vesal
Vol 8, No 1 Mar (2018) Editorial Details   PDF
A R Mehdizadeh
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Editorial Details   PDF
B Tahayori
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) Effect of 900 MHz Electromagnetic Radiation on the Induction of ROS in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Abstract   PDF
E Kazemi, SMJ Mortazavi, A Ali-Ghanbari, S Sharifzadeh, R Ranjbaran, Z Mostafavi-pour, F Zal, M Haghani
Vol 6, No 4 Dec (2016) Effect of Cilia Beat Frequency on Muco-ciliary Clearance Abstract   PDF
M H Sedaghat, M M Shahmardan, M Norouzi, M Heydari
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