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Online First Optimization of Clarkson’s Method for Calculating Absorbed Dose under Compensator Filters used in Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy Abstract   PDF
M Pourkaveh, A Haghparast, M T Eivazi, K Ghazikhanlu sani
Online First Optimized Blood Volume Monitoring during Hemodialysis Procedure based on Ultrasonic Speed Measurement Abstract   PDF
V. R Nafisi, M Eghbal
Vol 6, No 2 Jun (2016) Optimized Seizure Detection Algorithm: A Fast Approach for Onset of Epileptic in EEG Signals Using GT Discriminant Analysis and K-NN Classifier Abstract   PDF
Kh Rezaee, E Azizi, J Haddadnia
Vol 7, No 2 Jun (2017) Oral Administration of Vitamin C, Cimetidine and Famotidine on Micronuclei Induced by Low Dose Radiation in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells Abstract   PDF
A Naeeji, H Mozdarani, A Shabestani Monfared, F Faeghi, A A Ahmadi, M Gholami, R Behzadi, M R Momtaz
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Parametrization of Pedestrian Injuries and its Utilisation in Proving Traffic Accidents Course Using Injury Signatures and Contact Signatures Abstract   PDF
J Mandelík, N Bobrov, Z Nevolná
Online First Pattern Change of Inhibitory Drug Craving Control in Brain: A Study of Effective Connectivity Abstract   PDF
A Zare-Sadeghi, A H Jafari, M A Oghabian, H Salighe-Rad, S A H Batouli
Online First Personalized 18FDG Dose Synthesis Using BG-75 Generator: 1st Year Experience at JCI Accredited Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
M U Zaman, N Fatima, S U Mehdi, M Sami, Kh Khan, G Khan
Vol 2, No 1 Mar (2012) Photothermal Effect of Laser on Mole Removal: Analytical Model and Laser Suitability Details   PDF   XML
H. Nadgaran, M. Mahmoodi, M. Mahmoodi
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Physical and Dosimetric Aspect of Euromechanics Add-on Multileaf Collimator on Varian Clinac 2100 C/D Abstract   PDF
S A Rohani, S R Mahdavi, A Mostaar, S Ueltzhöffer, R Mohammadi, Gh Geraily
Vol 6, No 4 Dec (2016) Physicians’ Knowledge about Radiation Dose in Radiological Investigation in Iran Abstract   PDF
R Azmoonfar, H Faghirnavaz, H Younesi, E Morovati, Zh Ghorbani, M R Tohidnia
Online First Poor Understanding of Radiation Profiles in Deep Space Causes Inaccurate Findings and Misleading Conclusions Abstract   PDF
J J Bevelacqua, S M J Mortazavi
Vol 1, No 1(Suppl 1) (2011): Conference Proceedings Proceedings of the First MEFOMP International Conference of Medical Physics: November 2-4, 2011, Shiraz, Iran Details   PDF (1.89 MB)
A Admin
Vol 4, No 1 Mar (2014) Production of a Novel Mineral-based Sun Lotion for Protecting the Skin from Biohazards of Electromagnetic Radiation in the UV Region Abstract   PDF   XML
M. M. Movahedi, A. Alipour, S. A. R. Mortazavi, M. Tayebi
Vol 2, No 2 Jun (2012) Protective Effect of Low Dose Melatonin on Radiation-Induced Damage to Rat Liver Abstract   PDF   XML
A. R. Shirazi, R. Fardid, E. Mihandoost
Vol 8, No 1 Mar (2018) Protective Effects of IMOD and Cimetidine against Radiation-induced Cellular Damage Abstract   PDF
S Rahgoshai, M Mohammadi, S Refahi, M Oladghaffari, S M R Aghamiri
Vol 6, No 2 Jun (2016) Pulsed Intra-Arterial Drug Injection during Diastolic Phase of Cardiac Function Increases Drug Efficacy by Enhancing Pharmacological Exposure of Targeted Tissues Abstract   PDF
M Rismanchi
Online First Qualitative Assessment of Muscle Fatigue Based on EMG Abstract   PDF
S Khosravani, A Maleki, A Fallah
Vol 4, No 3 SEP (2014) Quantification the Effect of Ageing on Characteristics of the Photoplethysmogram Using an Optimized Windkessel Model Abstract   PDF   XML
H Doostdar, MA Khalilzadeh
Vol 2, No 4 Dec (2012) Quantitative Assessment of Muscle Fatigue for FES Research Studies Abstract   PDF   XML
S. Khosravani, A. Maleki, A. Fallah
Vol 4, No 1 Mar (2014) Quantitative Comparison of SPM, FSL, and Brainsuite for Brain MR Image Segmentation Abstract   PDF   XML
K. Kazemi, N. Noorizadeh
Online First Quantitative Evaluation of LiF: Mg, Ti (TLD-100) Long-Term Sensitivity Stability Abstract   PDF
F Mianji, S Baradaran
Vol 8, No 3 Sep (2018) Radiation Exposure and Bell’s Palsy: A Hypothetical Association Abstract   PDF
M Khateri, S Cheraghi, A Ghadimi, H Abdollahi
Online First Radiation Induced Demyelination in Cervical Spinal Cord of the Head and Neck Cancer Patients after Receiving Radiotherapy Abstract   PDF
H Goyal, N Singh, O P Gurjar, R K Tanwar
Vol 8, No 4 Dec (2018) Radiation-induced Non-targeted Effect and Carcinogenesis; Implications in Clinical Radiotherapy Abstract   PDF
R Yahyapour, A Salajegheh, A Safari, P Amini, A Rezaeyan, A Amraee, M Najafi
Vol 2, No 1 Mar (2012) Radio-Protective Effects of Some bis-Thiosemicarbazone Compounds Abstract   PDF   XML
A. R. Shirazi, Z. Mehdipour, A. R. Jalilian, E. Mihandoost
Vol 7, No 4 Dec (2017) Radioprotective Effects of Sulfur-containing Mineral Water of Ramsar Hot Spring with High Natural Background Radiation on Mouse Bone Marrow Cells Abstract   PDF
A H Heidari, A Shabestani Monfared, H Mozdarani, A Mahmoudzadeh, A Razzaghdoust
Online First Rapid Delivery of Gold Nanoparticles into Colon Cancer HT-29 Cells by Electroporation: In-vitro Study Abstract   PDF
Z Arab-Bafrani, D Shahbazi-Gahrouei, M Abbasian
Online First Rectal and Bladder Dose Measurements in the Intracavitary Applications of Cervical Cancer Treatment with HDR Afterloading System: Comparison of TPS Data with MOSFET Detector Abstract   PDF
N Singh, S Ahamed, A Sinha, S Srivastava, N K Painuly, A Mandal, S N Prasad
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) Reducing radiation doses in female breast and lung during CT examinations of thorax: A new technique in two scanners Abstract   PDF
P Mehnati, M Ghavami, H Heidari
Vol 4, No 1 Mar (2014) Removing ECG Artifact from the Surface EMG Signal Using Adaptive Subtraction Technique Abstract   PDF   XML
S. Abbaspour, A. Fallah
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