A Quantitative Investigation on the Effect of Edge Enhancement for Improving Visual Acuity at Different Levels of Contrast

S Nabavi, A Mehri Dehnavi, A Vard, S Mohammad Pour


Background: The major limitation in human vision is refractive error. Auxiliary equipment and methods for these people are not always available. In addition, limited range of accommodation in adult people when switching from a far point to a near point is not simply possible. In this paper, we are looking for solutions to use the facilities of digital image processing and displaying to improve visual acuity when using digital display devices. We quantitatively investigate the effect of edge enhancement on improving the visual acuity at different levels of contrast. We can improve visual acuity for people such as emmetropia, myopia and hyperopia when they utilize display devices.

Materials and Methods: According to the objective of this research, 24 visual acuity optical charts were designed using MATLAB software, based on logMAR standard. The charts have different levels of contrast with enhanced edges of optotypes at two brightness levels: 0 and 255. The proposed patterns were tested on 20 human subjects. The obtained results for each chart were analyzed in SPSS software.

Results: The results show that at all contrast levels, edge enhancement improves visual acuity. The degree of improvement where the edges have brightness level of 0 is higher than where the edges have brightness level of 255.

Conclusion: Based on the results, enhancing the edges of optotypes in the background image improves visual acuity by about 16.1% on logMAR scale.


Optical Aberrations, Pre-compensation, Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Edge Enhancement

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22086/jbpe.v0i0.523

eISSN: 2251-7200        JBPE NLM ID: 101589641

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